General Information

This database covers descriptions of publications by AGH-UST research workers since 1999, and also, in a few cases, some earlier publications unless these have been listed in the printed versions of the List of Publications.

In order to search for information, two preliminary indexes may be used: the year of the publication and the name of the department or another unit. Within these, authors' surnames are listed alphabetically. It is also possible to search for information with words occurring in bibliographical description (in titles of publications, titles in other languages, etc.)

The database is updated regularly. Any remarks as to its functionality and information covered in it can be sent to:

IF values (from year 2000) are based on the data from database Jornal Citation Reports. Information about the journals based on the Thomson Scientific Master Journal List as the abbreviation: LF.

NOTICE: This is still a draft version of the database; hence the bibliographical description may contain foreign marks which are non-interpretable by Internet browsers (for instance, the notation of mathematical expressions, accented letters.) The final version of the system will be free from these inconveniences.

Content-related implementation of this list of publications:

Maria Garczyńska, Stefania Mayerhofer, Małgorzata Musiał, Małgorzata Dudek, Katarzyna Sikorska, Sabina Olszyk, Magdalena Zabawa — Main Library, Unit of Scientific Information, phone (617-)32-15, 32-43, 32-22;
implementation of special collections: This database covers descriptions of publications by AGH-UST Agnieszka Podrazik, Grażyna Łaciak — Main Library, Unit of Special Collections, phone (617)-32-17

System creators:

Jacek Kmiecik, Marek Wójtowicz — University Computer Center (UCI), phone (617-)34-77.

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