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Krystian Franczak, mgr inż.

pracownik inżynieryjno-techniczny

Wydział Metali Nieżelaznych
WMN-kpp, Katedra Przeróbki Plastycznej i Metaloznawstwa Metali Nieżelaznych

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ORCID: 0000-0002-0135-3700

ResearcherID: brak

Scopus: 57163615100

  • Alloying elements macrosegregation in 6xxx aluminium alloy billets obtained by continuous casting with electromagnetic stirring
  • Examination of mechanical and electrical properties and structure of selected aluminum alloy sheets produced from TRC semi-products
  • High strength and high conductivity wires made from ${Cu–Ag}$ alloys designed for the construction of high magnetic fields generators
  • Krystalizator
  • Research of Sn and Zn impregnated carbon materials for railway sliding strip
  • Study on the influence of continuous casting parameters on quality of composites Cu-C for the possibility of their processing in drawing process