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Tadeusz Dziok, dr inż.


Wydział Energetyki i Paliw
WEiP-ktp, Katedra Technologii Paliw

[dyscyplina wiodąca] dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych / inżynieria chemiczna

[poprzednia klasyfikacja] obszar nauk technicznych / dziedzina nauk technicznych / technologia chemiczna

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ORCID: 0000-0001-8456-5727

ResearcherID: A-2236-2017

Scopus: 56576393700

PBN: 909937

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System Informacyjny AGH (SkOs)

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  • Assessment of mercury emissions into the atmosphere from the combustion of hard coal in a home heating boiler
  • Assessment of the possibility of mercury removal from the organic and the mineral matter of hard coals in the process of thermal pretreatment
  • Contents of ecotoxic elements in Polish coking bituminous coals and in products of coking
  • Determination of kinetic parameters of pyrolysis of wheat straw using thermogravimetry and mathematical models
  • Mercury removal from hard coal intended for the non-industrial combustion installations with the use of a method combining the dry deshaling and thermal pretreatment processes
  • Studies on mercury occurrence in inorganic constituents of Polish coking coals