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Bogdan Samojeden, dr inż.


Wydział Energetyki i Paliw
WEiP-ktp, Katedra Technologii Paliw

  • 2018

    [dyscyplina 1] dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych / inżynieria środowiska, górnictwo i energetyka

    [dyscyplina 2] dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych / inżynieria chemiczna (25%)

[poprzednia klasyfikacja] obszar nauk technicznych / dziedzina nauk technicznych / technologia chemiczna

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ORCID: 0000-0002-7244-2102 orcid iD

ResearcherID: F-9890-2016

Scopus: 23098409600

PBN: 5e70922c878c28a04739127b

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  • Exploring the multifunctionality of mechanochemically synthesized $\gamma-Alumina$ with incorporated selected metal oxide species
  • Meta-analysis of $CO_{2}$ conversion, energy efficiency, and other performance data of plasma-catalysis reactors with the open access PIONEER database
  • Optimization of $Co-Ni-Mg-Al$ mixed-oxides $CO_{2}$ methanation catalysts with solution combustion synthesis: on the importance of $Co$ incorporation and basicity
  • Synthesis, characterization, and $NH_{3}-SCR$ catalytic performance of Fe-modified MCM-36 intercalated with various pillars
  • Unveiling the potential of surfactant Pluronic-P123 application during the synthesis of Ni-hydrotalcite-derived catalysts for low-temperature $CO_{2}$ methanation: a novel approach
  • Why is calcium an effective promoter for plasma $CO_{2}$ methanation over polymer P123-modified NiMgAlOx-mixed oxide catalysts?