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Jarosław Majka, dr hab. inż., prof. AGH

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Wydział Geologii, Geofizyki i Ochrony Środowiska
WGGiOŚ-kmpig, Katedra Mineralogii, Petrografii i Geochemii

  • 2018

    [dyscyplina 1] dziedzina nauk ścisłych i przyrodniczych / nauki o Ziemi i środowisku

[poprzednia klasyfikacja] obszar nauk przyrodniczych / dziedzina nauk o Ziemi / geologia

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ORCID: 0000-0002-6792-6866 orcid iD

ResearcherID: S-2673-2018

Scopus: 25422587700

PBN: 5e7094a3878c28a0473c0c9e

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  • $^{40}Ar/^{39}Ar$ geochronologic evidence of Eurekan deformation within the West Spitsbergen Fold and Thrust Belt
  • A multi-method geochronological approach to constrain subduction and exhumation of the Vaimok Lens, Seve Nappe Complex, Scandinavian Caledonides
  • A statistical approach to discordant detrital zircon data from Scandinavian Caledonides
  • A tectonic window into the crystalline basement of Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard
  • Across the Caledonian suture: UHP gneisses of the Middle Allochton and ultra-mafic rocks of the Upper Allochton in central Jämtland
  • Age dating and microstructure analysis of shear zones found within the Seve Nappe Complex in the Åre region, Jämtland, Scandinavian Caledonides
  • An incipient study: a multi-faceted thermochronological approach investigating exhumation of UHP terranes within the Seve Nappe Complex, Scandinavian Caledonides
  • Ba- and Ti-enriched dark mica from the UHP metasediments of the Seve Nappe Complex, Swedish Caledonides
  • Brittle deformation during eclogitization of early paleozoic blueschist
  • Carbonate alteration of ophiolitic rocks in the Arabian-Nubian Shield of Egypt: sources and compositions of the carbonating fluid and implications for the formation of Au deposits
  • Chronology of magmatism and accretion in the Köli Nappe Complex: the tectonic evolution of Iapetus oceanic terranes in the Swedish Caledonides
  • Comment on the paper: “Evolution of a gneiss in the Seve nappe complex of central Sweden – Hints at an early Caledonian, medium-pressure metamorphism” by Li et al. (2020)
  • Compilation of geothermobarometry and the KFMASH system – an example from Wedel Jarslberg Land, Svalbard
  • Conditions of contact metamorphism in the Eastern envelope of the Giant Mts. (Karkonosze) granite
  • Contrasting coronas: microscale fluid variation deduced from monazite breakdown products in altered metavolcanic rocks associated with the Grängesberg apatite-iron oxide ore, Bergslagen, Sweden
  • Could contact metamorphism cause the Marinoan glaciation?
  • Dating metamorphic rims using LA-ICP-MS depth profiling technique on zircon from the Snasahögarna diamond-bearing gneiss, Scandinavian Caledonides
  • Deciphering late Devonian-early Carboniferous \emph{P–T–t} path of mylonitized garnet-mica schists from Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard
  • Deciphering the brittle failure of eclogites at high-pressures: hydrofractures as fluid-escape pathways
  • Deciphering the tectonometamorphic history of subducted metapelites using quartz-in-garnet and Ti-in-quartz (QuiG–TiQ) geothermobarometry — a key for understanding burial in the Scandinavian Caledonides
  • Decompressional equilibration of the Midsund granulite from Otrøy, Western Gneiss Region, Norway
  • Defining tectonic boundaries using detrital zircon signatures of Precambrian metasediments from Svalbard's Southwestern Caledonian Basement Province
  • Detrital zircon age signatures of Precambrian metasediments from southern Wedel Jarlsberg Land and Sørrkapp Land (Spitsbergen) defining a major tectonic boundary within the Southwestern Svalbard’s Caledonian Basement Province
  • Detrital zircon provenance from the Atomfjella Complex and Mosselhavøya Group, northern Ny Friesland, Svalbard
  • Detrital zircon signatures of the Baltoscandian margin along the Arctic Circle Caledonides in Sweden: the Sveconorwegian connection